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Being able to read independently for pleasure in the early years means your child will start school with confidence, already knowing thousands more words than their peers. According to Keith Stanovich avid readers can have a 50 percent larger vocabulary and 50 percent more fact-based knowledge.

Reading both predicts and contributes to those skills, says Donald Bolger, who researches how the brain learns to read. "The better you are at reading, the more words you learn. The more words you learn, the better you are at reading and comprehending—especially things that would have been outside your domain of expertise."

Communication, Language and Literacy in the Early Years

Miss Emma managed two highly successful day nurseries in the UK and is a former OFSTED Inspector.

'I Can Read Without You' Preschool Project

Follow children from all around the world as they learn to read, write and spell before they even start school!
Miss Emma mentors parents and educators online.  

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