The Coding Poster


The ICRWY Pilot Group children love it!
Message to ICRWY Pilot Group parents at this exciting time of their learning journey.

Children watch their Code Level Video (Coding Poster Video) to hear
Miss Emma say the sounds, blend the Sound Pics into words, and use those words in sentences. They then have a go on their own, using the Coding Poster.  Step by Step Instructions are given with the Kit Membership, eg how to introduce it, so the children use it independently very quickly.    


Visual Prompts activity is purely to develop phonemic awareness and there are no letters (graphemes) used. 

They can decide whatever they want the Visual Prompt to represent, or use the associated word if more familiar, and to build confidence. 


The Coding Poster reminds the children to keep timing themselves saying their Code Level rap!

The raps are in the Code Level Videos
and children also enjoy learning the Green Code Level Rap from their Kit Handbook.


Learn the Sound Pics from the video lessons

Recognise the Sound Pics and form them correctly
(we use the RWI phrases to support this)

Code Level (Sound Pic) Blending

Go through the Code Level Chants
(seen in videos)

Go through Duck Levels (HFWs/ Sight Words) on the back
- these are also in the video lessons 

There is an A3 Coding Poster in the ICRWY Kit

However you can order them separately, and in bulk.

As single items they are AU$20 plus shipping and GST
see options if you live in Australia.
They can be posted from Brisbane, QLD. 
Schools can place purchase orders through our supplier
Teacherless Teaching Australia. 
Email for a bespoke quote


UK Online Store Launched Soon.

We ship worldwide. 


Use with Expression Cards!

read aloud expression cards .jpg