The Spelling ClouMat

The ICRWY Pilot Group children love being able to see ALL of the Speech Sound Monster Clouds! They can easily find them by looking for the Speech Sound Monster.
The commonly used Sound Pics are on the outside (from the Code Levels) and the others are inside. 

This is an easy access table top resource, showing ALL spelling choices!
It complements the Spelling Cloud Keyring and is a portable version of their Speech Sound Wall. 

There is an A3 Spelling Cloud Mat in the ICRWY Kit

However you can order them separately, and in bulk.

As single items they are AU$20 plus shipping and GST
see options if you live in Australia.
They can be posted from Brisbane, QLD. 
Schools can place purchase orders through our supplier
Teacherless Teaching Australia. 
Email for a bespoke quote


UK Online Store Launched Soon.

We ship worldwide. 


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