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Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping!

Mapping with Miss Emma
Code Mapping® and Monster Mapping® our way
towards Orthographic Mapping

As I am passionate about early reading - reading is so good for your brain! - I will be further expanding on my work with some AMAZING researchers and teachers, and opening an Early Reading Centre in the UK. A magical place where we collaborate to build on existing knowledge about how literacy changes the brain, and continue to develop innovative ways to make 'learning to read (and spell) easier for the highest number of children. Let's merge teaching, neuroscience and psychology into a single, unified Science of Reading! 

In the meantime I am working with parents and their 2 and 3 year olds!
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Reading and Spelling 'hallucination' - Monster Mapping

Get the new handbook to see how to do this with your little ones! 

Frozen Berries
SSP Spelling Clouds - Speech Sound Pics Approach launched in Australia by Emma Hartnell-Baker
Monster Mapping! Speech Sound Monsters - a break-through in learning to read and spell
Code Mapping and Monster Mapping! Phonemes made visible - orthography more transparent
Phonemes made visible - Monster Mapping
Children learn the Speech Sound Monster sounds really quickly - and then decoding and encoding is easier for all!
Speech Sound Monsters are like phonetic symbols for kids
Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping with Emma Hartnell-Baker
Miss Anne Monster Mapping days of the week
Monster Spelling - Speech Sound Monsters

Speech to Print and Print to Speech - Visual and Linguistic Phonics
Making English Orthography more Transparent (Phonemic).

Order the new teacher handbook - Understanding my neurodivergent brain
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