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People often say they are looking for a 'phonics' program, or a 'spelling' program and I tell them that I'm not sharing a 'program' as much as a way of teaching using language and resources that children as young as 2 and 3 will understand. If you join the free support group you will see clips of ICRWY children, and hear the conversations they are having about 'The Code'.
Everything revolves around 'stories' including the Speech Sound Monsters. Children become really invested in all the characters
eg the Naughty Speech Sound Frog! We have to watch him as he messes up the spelling, changes the 'Sound Pics' and even changes the tense of verbs etc so we have to really read everything carefully to 'check and change it'. 'Naughty Speech Sound Frog', as Rory says.
But this is at the heart of how we teach - everything is fun, playful and meaningful. Children LOVE it.  
So yes, you will buy resources and follow a systematic teaching order, but you will learn how to be a 'Reading Whisperer'; you will learn not only WHAT to teach but HOW to teach it in ways that excite children (of all ages) 

So the approach is not just about WHAT we cover but HOW. I developed the approach as a passionate advocate for play-based Early Childhood Education, as someone who is also highly qualified in the field of special educational needs and inclusion. I am currently undertaking a doctorate, with a focus on early literacy interventions and inclusion. EVERY CHILD is valued, respected, and taught in ways that they LOVE. I speak their language and am passionate about child-centred, and child-led play-based learning. If you watch children, whether they are 3 (see the ICRWY you children above) or Grade 3- 6 (Speedy Six Spelling activities, for example) you will see every child INCLUDED, working at THEIR pace (challenged, but experiencing success) and having fun exploring how Speech Sounds (phonemes) 'map' to Sound Pics (graphemes) Because this is so new to a lot of teachers (unfortunately far too many have not been taught about the value of phonemic awareness, or how to use the IPA and 'translate' those phonetic symbols on paper (talk on paper) So the children often end up teaching adults!  

Anyone who has visited an SSP Reception or Grade 1 classroom will immediately be interested in what the children are doing because all are engaged, all are on task, and there is 'less teaching' going on...and yet 'more learning' It can be difficult for many to get their heads around. If you have come looking for teacher handbooks and worksheets, or a 'one size fits all' approach, then the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach, and the ICRWY Project (every child reading for pleasure by 6) will not be a good fit. Parents and teachers will need to understand 'Code Mapping' and 'Monster Mapping'. That means undertaking the online training if you can't come to a face-to-face session and understanding that training is ONGOING because there will always be something you could know more about, or help children understand more easily. Can't use the whole approach in Reception? (Prep/ Kindergarten) Even if the schools do use a 'one-size fits all' type program (weekly, or termly lessons mapped out in advance, with the teacher at the front of the class and children quietly listening, and then all doing the same activities) then understanding Code Mapping (and using Code Mapped resources) will improve your literacy outcomes. You can use a lot of my techniques, even if not (yet) using the routines and resources. The ideal, however, is that every child is reading for pleasure by 6, and every child is exploring the mapping of phonemes to graphemes and UNDERSTANDING the written code, as they continue on throughout the primary grades - on their SSP journey. So if you are looking for EARLY reading, and want a focus on HOW children learn - that they become curious, independent thinkers who are intrinsically motivated to be THEIR best...then let's go! Ill support you every step of the way, so that YOU can support your child (or class) every step of the way. 

The BEST way for me to help you teach your own child to read and spell at home is to get the Teaching Kit and the Training+ Membership. Join the ICRWY Support Group on facebook
If not ready yet then why not just start with the Training+membership. You can join for just one month and cancel! New resources added monthly though! 
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