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I Can WRITE Without You (ICWWY)

Learning to read is so much easier than learning to write, and yet - globally - the education system seems to be making the 'learning to read' part so much harder! So a useful addition to the ICRWY Project is I Can WRITE Without You. Understanding written language is vital - and reading and writing must not be seen to be mutually exclusive. They are partners! They complement each other. If we ensure that children can READ quickly and easily they will LEARN more about the written language than we could ever teach them - and so our job, of helping them to WRITE in English is so much easier. 

My brain is neurodivergent (and yes, that it how I see it - it's my brain, my's what drives me) and so I am not constrained by conventional thinking (or teaching). I see 'literacy' differently, and my focus is on how students become literate - and how we can best facilitate that for each individual. Although we ensure they have the 'foundation of phonic knowledge' - which can be mastered in weeks for some - this is to kickstart the really important stuff ie how to actually understand and use written language to enhance our lives. 
I do this with the IPA - a tool I find it really underutilised in schools, and yet it can help to overcome so many of the issues students face when being taught 'phonics' (and arguably why it takes them so long to learn even the basic foundational skills).   

I Can Read AND I Can Write Without You! 

I Can Write Without You ICWWY
We also use this to help students learn to write with independence.

The Code Mapping Tool is included in the ICRWY Lessons app 
If schools opt into the Parents as Teaching Partners program schools pay just $2 /£1 so that families get it for free!

ICRWY Code Mapping app for Schools - for iOS and Android - Up to 30 Devices
(ask for a quote to load onto more school devices)
Code Mapping
Orthographic Mapping is not something you 'teach', it is something they 'reach'
With the optimum learning journey - which we share with you - the students are able to get there so much more quickly!  
Miss Emma
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