It is far easier to learn to read than to spell, and I have found that even an introduction to my Speech Sound Monsters (phonetic symbols for kids) get kids (and adults!) HOOKED on reading without help. They have access to something they won't access using any other methods- where they have to go through a systematic phonics program to understand the phoneme to grapheme mapping of many of the words in the books they choose. They can go through my systematic linguistic phonics program at the same time of course, but I have found that HOOKED can get kids really engaged, and wanting to learn more. So this can be a great option for older struggling readers as well as pre-school aged children.

Learners go through the Orange Level (Phase 2) to learn to blend phonemes and understand the Speech Sound Monsters. 

ICRWY Early Years, including ICRWY Toddlers! 
The ICRWY Kit is ideal - everything needed to teach reading and spelling