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The complete ICRWY Kit

The ultimate resource; everything needed to teach your child to read and spell before starting school. 

Order the Kit Support Membership  to also access the video lessons, ICRWY readers and be mentored by Miss Emma for a monthly membership fee.
Cancel at any time. 

As a Kit Support Member Miss Emma will guide you every step of the way, and help you effectively use the resources. Miss Emma watches clips you send and guides you along the way. 

What do parents say about mentoring by Miss Emma?

'Well, what can I say? Where to start? I write this because there have been so many highlights, amazing achievements and personal growth for both myself and my daughter on our learning journey, I struggle with what moments to include. 
The 'I Can Read Without You' process is a fantastic way to learn to read. I was amazed at how fast my daughter was able to learn sounds, blend sounds together and read words. She surprised me when she began on her own to look at written words and follow the sounds to say the word. My daughter still continues to surprise me with her learning. My daughter just turned 4 when we started the I can read without you approach, she is stubborn and wanted to do it “her way” Miss Emma was very supportive and was able to change things, offer suggestions and try things a little differently for my often head strong daughter. This made a huge difference. Miss Emma is an incredible wealth of knowledge and was available to message whenever we needed her. She is extremely generous with her time, she is with you ever step of the way and the resources are fantastic and easy to use . 
Miss Emma became part of my family and a friend and I will continue to bombard her with our learning journey. Nadine'

Watch Skyla here!


Individual ICRWY Items 

Order individual items from The Reading Hut (UK)
We ship worldwide, so send us a message and we'll find the best option!

Order the Speedy Sight Word Handbook and use with the video membership to learn to read and spell 400+ high frequency words.

Order the Coding Poster and use it with the video membership to learn the Code Level (high frequency) graphemes, 100 high frequency words and phonics chants

ICRWY Video Membership

Watch pre-recorded lessons with Miss Emma and Kensi at home!
To actually connect with them and learn together, sign up for the full Kit Membership! 
You will need the teaching kit; Miss Emma will ensure that you understand how to use the resources, to teach your child to read as quickly and easily as possible.  

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