I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Toddlers


I Can Read Without You Project - ICRWY Toddlers! 
Led by 'Miss Emma' The Reading Whisperer
BEd Hons. MA Special Educational Needs. Doctoral Student (Research interest: Early Literacy Intervention for Dyslexia)

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This is why I'm running sessions for 2 - 4 year olds in the UK  - this little girl had just turned 3 and could hardly pronounce some of the words, but could read them. Never underestimate what very young brains can do; cognitive skills often don't align with speech, or fine motor control (ie they can learn to spell before they can hold pencils too!)


Thank you for being interested! Let's get all children reading before they start school and at the very least their phonemic awareness deficits have been overcome so that they are unlikely to struggle, regardless of how the school uses to teach reading.

Miss Emma X

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The toddlers learn the Speech Sound Monster's name (also the associated sound) and from week 1 are introduced to the concept that these 'sounds' can be positioned on paper, from left to right, and blended together to give the intended word. 
This is the foundation of 'decoding' words (phonemic awareness, and the mapping of phonemes to graphemes) and an easy intro to graphemes being 'pictures of speech sounds'. Our speech sounds are positioned on paper so that we can read words, like a jigsaw puzzle (cracking the code) 
This is why it's called the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach!