ICRWY Training

Pre-recorded training. Rent for 3 months.
Some free clips are also available. 
Paid training includes training material - this is sent to the email used to sign up.

The paid options give Curriculum Leaders the opportunity to watch the training ahead of the date they wish to run the session in-house, and plan a time-table accordingly. They are ideal for pupil-free days. It is also the ideal way to upskill your team, or even as a way for the team to decide if they wish to switch to the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach!
Paid training includes information about the resources you need to order, depending on which elements of the approach you plan to use.

Next ICRWY Zoom training
with Miss Emma.

Teach children to read before they turn 6. Suitable for parents and teachers of 3 - 6 year olds  



AU (QLD) time zone 
Saturday Nov 14th 8.30am - 11.30am
UK (London) time zone
Saturday November 28th 9 - 12pm

This introductory workshop is suitable for anyone caring for, raising or educating very young children, and those tutoring children with learning challenges. 

Numbers are limited to 12 participants, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to chat with Miss Emma during the session, so please book early. 


Getting Started! (80 minutes)
The Speech Sound Monsters®, Visual Prompts and Duck Hands
- developing phonemic awareness.
Letter and Number Formation
Speaking in Speech Sounds, Segmenting and Blending Phonemes.
Encoding and Decoding with Monsters.
Using the Speech Sound Monster Mat
The Monster Routine - Phase 1

Break for 15 minutes.

Moving into Linguistic and Visual Phonics (85 minutes)
Pictures of Speech Sounds (Sound Pics®)
The Monster Routine- Phase 2
Code Mapping® with the 4 Code Levels and Duck Levels (HFWs)
Introducing the Coding Poster and Code Level Readers
When to start the ICRWY Readers



What will you need to get started? The ICRWY Teaching Kit.
We recommend a full monthly Kit Support Membership to access videos and bookshelf, plus more in-depth 'Step by Step' instructions and ongoing support
from Miss Emma.

This is the ideal workshop if you would like to understand the process before

you even start. This is essential if you plan on using the approach within a classroom or learning support setting. The more you know, the easier it will be

to meet the needs of all - especially if they have poor phonemic awareness, learning challenges, or speak English as a Second Language. You might wish

to complete this introductory training in order to decide if this is the way you

would like to teach your child or group.      

Children love
learning to read
in the Early Years.
It's empowering!

Find out how you can incorporate the ICRWY resources and strategies in a range of learning spaces!  

Face to face workshops held again soon!
Come and find out why everyone says 'it just makes sense!' 

Enhancing current decoding and encoding skills within your school
Training for those working with 6 - 12 year olds 

Zoom and pre-recorded workshops are being organised for schools wanting to improve decoding fluency and encoding (spelling skills) and to understand how to segment ANY word into graphemes so that students reach the stage of being 'orthographic mappers' as quickly as possible.

Learn to add in 'Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers', how to use the Speech Sound Monsters to develop an awareness of the IPA (phonetic symbols that represent each English Speech Sound)  by incorporating the 25 minute Speedy Six Spelling activities and adding in 5 minutes of Speedy Paired and Group Decoding each day. 


You can use these techniques to boost your current phonics or spelling program.
You do not need to ditch them! These 2 activities, and awareness of how to 'Code Map' all words, will ensure that you understand SoR as you will learn how to 'talk on paper' with the students. 

All you will need to actually buy is a set of A5 spelling clouds, to build a Speech Sound Wall displaying ALL spelling choices for the English written code. 
You can of course also equip students with spelling cloud keyrings and spelling cloud table top mats, so that they can see all spelling choices easily.


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