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Wiring brains for the written code - another language


IndependenWord Mapping is the Goal

Reading Butterflies because that's what interests you!

Our 'Readies' can then explore and connect with the world around them in different ways. Reading for information (that matters to them eg butterflies!) and pleasure takes place before potentially becoming a chore, or reading material predominantly adult-selected and directed, when they start school. Because we use Code Mapping and Monster Mapping children aren't restricted to 'decodable' or 'levelled' readers that may not be books they would choose.
By weaving the skills and concepts needed to become a skilled reader* (and choose to read) around the INDIVIDUAL we make the process of learning to read, write and spell one of discovery and joy.

We achieve all that is seen in the Active View of Reading - Reader Model - but the journey is different.
We do not use Synthetic Phonics' which is currently the DfE mandated approach for KS1.  


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail


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