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While updating the site some member groups were deleted. 

If you have a current membership and cannot login please use the form to let us know when you paid, and the email used to login, so that we can resolve the issue.   

Please note that because we are moving everything to the new ICRWY app we are no longer taking on new full memberships, there is however a membership to access
the 40 or so Student and HFW videos.
Schools can use this if the SSP ICRWY app is blocked by Ed Dept servers, or they can get the school version!
Use this offline, with unlimited devices. Email for Small School discount. 

The new SSP I Cab Read (ICRWY) app has the 40 or so Core Phonics and HFW video lessons and also the 100+ ICRWY Project lessons with Miss Emma, taking children through Phases 1 and 2 ... to the end of the Blue Code Level. 

Phase 3 will be released asap; Miss Emma will be working through all of the One Two Three and Away! books. See 123andAway.com   


The new SSP I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project app is AU$5.50 (inc GST) per month, so use it only as long as you need it!
Access all new content as a subscriber. Enjoy Phase 3 as it is released!

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The SSP I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project app replaces the previous SSP Mapping app for Parents and is free to download and access various free resources eg the 2 Minute Monsters and Letters and Sounds High Frequency Word video lesson.

The new ICRWY Project lessons offer subscribers Steps to Reading and Spelling Success. Work through them 1 by 1 with children aged 3+ (although some lessons eg letter and number formation will be watched regularly until learning is secure) No prior training is required, so perfect for parents and tutors! There are also around 40 Core SSP phonics and high-frequency word lessons included, all created by Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer, for those using The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. The One, Two, Three and Away! books by Sheila McCullagh are included in the ICRWY Project - learn to read with The Village With Three Corners.

We suggest that you use this app with the SSP Spelling Piano app for tablets, which also incorporates the Speech Sound Monsters - Phonetic Symbols for Kids. Miss Emma has a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs and is undertaking doctoral work in the UK, with a research focus on early interventions for reading and spelling difficulties including dyslexia.
She has developed the SSP ICRWY system for teaching non and minimally verbal children to read and spell using Speech Sound Pictographs. The SSP ICRWY Steps to Reading and Spelling Lessons are designed to include all learners, with a focus on phonemic awareness, and the mapping of phonemes to graphemes using a Speech to Print Approach - we are 'Code Mapping®' and Monster Mapping®!