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Mapped Words!

Our 2 and 3 year olds understand word mapping because they think of graphemes as 'pictures of speech sounds'. We show them where the 'Sound Pics' are, by mapping the words. They 'Duck Hand' the words, and use 'Speech Sound Lines and Numbers' to help isolate, segment and blend graphemes, and to help with working memory issues. They can manage really long words. 
Word Mapping is our Super Power! This is made easier by giving the children ready-mapped words.  Visit the Reading Hut to learn about Word Mapped Stories!

Their names explored and Spelling Routine taught in week 1 - 3 of reception!

Children initially use Duck Hands to segment every word into the mapped speech sounds, but then it becomes second nature, and they start Duck Handing whole words - only breaking it down when they need to. 

Because Aussie teachers had to 'benchmark' every term I mapped all the high frequency words in Levels 1 - 20. Access them in the ICRWY Lessons app

New Mapped Words training coming to the UK
through The Reading Hut!

ICRWY Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers with Miss Emma

Mappped Words

Reading Therapy Dogs from The Reading Hut. The home of Mapped Words
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