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Teacher Training
- Whole School (approx 4 hours)
-Early Years   (approx 2 hours)


ICRWY Kit Support -
Understanding your teaching kit

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Monster Mapping Downloads

Additional downloads to support their learning


ICRWY Assessments

Checking starting points and evaluating progress

One, Two, Three and Away! 

Additional downloads and info for members

Please use recommended Decodable Readers and the ICRWY Bookshelf 


ICRWY Phase 1


Getting brains wired for reading and spelling!

ICRWY Green Code Level

The first group of graphemes.
s a t p i n 

ICRWY Purple Code Level

The second group of graphemes.

ICRWY Yellow Code Level

The third group of graphemes.

ICRWY Blue Code Level

The fourth group of graphemes.

ICRWY High Frequency Words

400+ Words

According to Dr. Edward B. Fry 100 words make up about 1/2, and 300 words make up 65% of all written material. According to Miss Emma, when students learn to map the phonemes to graphemes for these words, alongside undertaking the activities within the 4 Code Levels, and the Speedy Six Spelling activities (to explore the other graphemes) they move out of the 'learning to read' phase before Grade 2! Start in pre-school and they get there even earlier. 


Order hard copy Spelling Clouds and use the Student Videos to explore all spelling choices! Email to ask about ordering in your country.