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Full access gives you access to all member pages seen in the drop-down
menu under MEMBERS. Full access is no longer available as we are trying to add all resources into one app! The SSP Monster Mapping app.
However online training is available.

You can also book Miss Emma for in-house or Zoom training. Email via The Reading Hut 

  • Online SSP Training

    Access the workshops online
    Valid for one month
    • How to teach reading and spelling using SSP
    • Includes specific training for R/1 Teachers
    • Teaching The Speedy Six Spelling Activities
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You can also book Miss Emma for 2 hour zoom 'Inclusive Literacy Learning Toolkit' sessions, or in-house training eg Snap and Crack (Cracking Comprehension) See all toolkits from The Reading Hut here 


ICRWY Online Program

To get started you need the SSP Monster Mapping app for Parents and the SSP Spelling Piano app for ipads. 
Follow the ICRWY Project Lessons. You will see resources used that are included in the Kit, and also digital downloads. 

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Handbook - Photocopiable Resources

Lessons 1 - 20 - Don't have the Kit?
Use the Handbook to do all the activities shown by Miss Emma at home! Buy here

ICRWY Bookshelf, SSP Spelling Piano app, SSP Monster Mapping app


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I am a teacher and have learned a lot from Emma's patience, guidance and wisdom, both as an educator and mother.

I discovered SSP about three years ago and knew it made sense. When I had my daughter, I knew SSP would be fantastic and I seized the opportunity when Emma further developed the approach for younger ones.

People are always amazed at how well my daughter can speak and communicatefor two years of age. She has learned so many sounds and is on a positive path to reading. I even showed the video of her blending sounds together to my students and they were very impressed!

Emma takes great individual interest as to what your child is doing, but also what you as an adult are doing. If something isn't working, she helps you work on -your- approach to keep it child centred. The resources are fun and engaging - no boring worksheets here!

I am eternally grateful for Emma for setting my daughter up for a life of literacy and allowing both of us this fantastic opportunity. 💜💜

Watch Claire here!

The Icanreadwithoutyou program is an amazing and helpful program for those wishing to teach their child to read. The videos and resources are fantastic, however what was more helpful was the individual support Miss Emma gave to both myself and my child. She directed me with what steps I needed to support my child as an individual. She really looked at the child and their personalities, creating resources to match. Her mentoring throughout the program helped me to grow as my child's teacher. Alexis really enjoyed the personal messages from Miss Emma and would send her back messages. Alexis really connected with Miss Emma and enjoyed the lessons. She has grown so much (and so have I) over the course of the program. Alexis has gained confidence in her learning and has developed very strong spelling and reading skills for her future. I can not thank Miss Emma enough for her time and patience with me. She was supportive and able to give constructive feedback which helped me so much. Thank you xx


Thank you Miss Emma for including Nicholas and I in the Icanreadwithoutyou pilot. We have enjoyed the last 8 weeks so much! It has been so incredible to see my son learn how to read, letter form, develop his comprehension of a book and WANT to do this. Nicholas is continuing on to prep next year at a school that uses the SSP program. I am beyond relieved that he has learnt so much already to get him confident and 'prep ready'. But honestly, I feel I have grown more then Nicholas! I have learnt so many important teaching skills, parenting skills and I am a better person because of this program. I am excited to continue working with Nicholas and I will post more video's up with our progress. Thank you so much Emma for all your advice, support and for your love of teaching. I honestly could not have gotten Nicholas to where he is without your personal guidance. As a parent you think you know your child, but you Miss Emma are truly child whisper. You know when to offer a new resource, what the child is thinking/ feelings and you continually make it fun!! I am actually going to sign up to become a teacher aide next term :) I have so enjoyed learning with Nicholas, that I want to learn my SSP and help teach other children. I do hope when covid restrictions ease Nicholas can meet you when you're next in Brisbane. You have become a house hold name, like our Auntie Em or friend. xox


'It has been such an honour and a pleasure to be a part of the icanreadwithoutyou preschool project. Austin went into this program with very little phonemic awareness. Instantly he was drawn into the program, the monsters grabbed his attention straight away and he was very willing to watch Miss Emma and learn all about ‘his monsters’! He quickly picked up the first 6 monsters under Miss Emma’s guidance and was very quickly reading words!
Miss Emma was able to provide me with the support I needed to teach Austin properly. Without her guidance I feel like I would have not been able to provide Austin with what he really needed - which ultimately was to explore and learn with Miss Emma and not me directing him all the time.
The program is wonderful and I look forward to continuing with Austin to give him the best possible start to life long learning.'