The Reading Whisperer®
Miss Emma spent 10 years in Australia and is now in the UK working primarily with 2- 5-year-olds (ICRWY project) 

Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer

Assessments for Struggling Readers with Miss Emma
The Reading Whisperer®

The Reading Hut

Is your child (or teen) struggling to read and spell with independence and confidence?
Request an Online Evaluation with Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer.
Watch the videos below, showing 'Duck Hands'. Miss Emma will start by asking your child to Duck Hand words, while you video them. You send those videos which are used to ascertain if there are underlying phonemic awareness issues. After watching the videos Miss Emma asks you to undertake more activities, and this continues until she has figured out what is blocking your child from learning to read and spell easily. No assessment is the same, because no two children are the same; NO STANDARDISED TESTS ARE USED.
Why not? Miss Emma is not only getting to know your child but also YOU - so that she can best help you BOTH; this is a personal evaluation.
Miss Emma will quickly get to the bottom of why your child has struggled and will tell you WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. The videos are put together into a video that you can then share with their teacher, and they are invited to contact Miss Emma directly with any questions and to find out how they can best help your child at school. Most teachers, unfortunately, are not trained to understand and address reading and spelling difficulties. 

Face to Face Assessments with The Reading Whisperer in Dorset start again soon.



Miss Emma will share tips to help you guide students towards 'orthographic mapping' - join the free support group!

Learn to use Code Mapping in order to reach the phase of Orthographic Mapping more easily. We will be exploring the mapping of phonemes to graphemes using the Speech Sound Clouds!
Build a Speech Sound Wall! Spelling Clouds from Miss Emma, The Reading Whispereri