The Monster Mapping Kit Handbook

They become familiar with the Visual Prompts and first 6 Speech Sound Monsters, to be able to segment and blend the monster speech sounds into the visual prompt words!

We then add in the pictures of the speech sounds (Sound Pics) and start reading , writing and spelling those words.
If you are a Kit Support Member Miss Emma guides you!

The Kit Handbook has the resources needed to get started, and so that the children quickly and easily understand Code Mapping and Monster Mapping! 

Check with the Spelling Clouds eg on the back of Monster Cards, on Spelling Cloud keyring, Monster Spelling Mat or the Speech Sound Wall
(Not included in this handbook)


The Monster Mapping Kit Handbook is included in the Teaching Kit but can be purchased separately for AU$65 plus shipping and GST.
Order here 

UK store opening soon.

The handbook is approx GB30 / US$40