The Monster Spelling Mat is included in the latest Monster Kit Handbook, which is in the EY Teaching Kit, but also available as a class pack of 30, ready-made!

'We love our kit handbook and use it all the time. I undo the ring and take a page or two for Maya to explore. It really is the best thing to get started for the parent and the kids.'
Maya's Mummy

Here, Maya's Mummy scanned in the Speech Sound Monsters from the kit handbook to create Monster Mapped labels for her new shop.

The ICRWY Home Teaching Kit

Order this with the Training+ Membership; access step by step instructions, ICRWY videos and e-readers, and join the Support Group. 
Join for as many months as you need. 
Cancel at any time. 

New for November and December - get your child reading before they start school!

Parents are (understandably) worried about following the Step by Step guides, even with access to the training and info. They can feel like they will 'get it wrong' and fail their child. So I am offering those with the kit and membership access to a private group JUST for them, to build their skills and confidence- just as I did with the ICRWY pilot group parents. As you will see from the testimonials the parents did find my guidance useful - especially those who created a thread for their child in the group and kept adding videos of their child doing the activities. I am able to give feedback and make recommendations.

So I am going to try something, and hopefully it will make life easier for parents who have the teaching kit!! When you buy the kit and Training+ membership in November or December (I have merged the kit support membership with training so that you get access to EVERYTHING) you will be added to a private group where I'll be your personal mentor!! As with the membership, you just stay in as long as you need support! When you've got a handle on it you can just post in the ICRWY facebook group like everyone else. So you ALWAYS have access to people who understand Monster Mapping!

If you have the teaching kit and membership send me a message and I'll get you added!!

Note that this kit is especially suitable for children aged 3 - 7, or older children who have learning challenges. You can be homeschooling, or just wanting to teach them at home as they are being failed in school. There is NO EXCUSE for any child who is approaching the age of 7 to still be in the 'learning to read' phase- unless there is an intellectual impairment that is preventing them from comprehending text etc.

Let me help you be a 'Reading Whisperer' to your child, at no extra charge. The ICRWY Teaching Kit and Training+ Membership and I'm your number 1 supporter for as long as you need me.

Email me when you have the Kit and Membership, and let's get your child reading quickly and easily!!

Miss Emma X

What's included?

Pay in GB (UK residents)

Pay in US$ (USA residents)
US$180 plus $30 shipping

Request quote in your currency

In Australia? Order here.
AU$250 plus shipping and GST

ICRWY Group Teaching? 


Order the Kit plus a Coding Poster per student.

Order items separately, inc bulk buy options.

Introduced to Aussie schools around 7 years ago! 

400+ HFWs
Getting Started with Monster Mapping
A5 Monster Cards
Small Monster Cards
Speech Sound Monster Bank
Spelling Code in a Box
Sound Pic Cards (Monsters) for Bank
Add Sound Pic Cards
A4 Code Level Cards
A3 Coding Poster
A3 Coding Poster
Build a Speech Sound Wall (A5)
A5 Spelling Clouds
48 Spelling Clouds
Spelling Cloud and HFW Keyrings
Spelling Cloud Keyring
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