Clips of children in the ICRWY pilot group,
showing activities from week 1 - 8

You can do now this at home using the SSP Monster Mapping app - ICRWY Phase 1
Also available in the Google Play Store

Message from an ICRWY Project Pilot parent, a few weeks after the pilot had ended.

'Oh Miss Emma you are amazing
We just had a parent teacher with *****'s, wow, wow is all I can say. When we last saw her she said he was totally disengaged in any activity literacy based, did not actively participate in group discussions, gross motor skills were lacking, basically had no confidence in anything but numbers and colours. We started the pilot just after that meeting.
Tonight we met with her again and we were simply blown away!! His development has amazed his teacher and not just in literacy it's been across the board. She said she is now a believer of what we've been doing with him at home, I told her I can provide her with details if she would like join in the SSP fun
Thank you so much, you have given **** so much I don't know how we can ever thank you enough you truly are a gem xx'


The children are first introduced to 'Duck Hands', the Visual Prompts and the Speech Sound Monsters! 


Then we add in the Speech Sound Lines, Numbers and Sound Pictures! The focus is on Code Mapping using the Green Code Level 'Sound Pics'.


Even in week 8 they will say that the activities from week 1 - 6 are now 'too easy'!

We are now exploring other Code Level Sounds pics using the Coding Poster and Coding Poster video lessons (Video membership) 


We start the ICRWY Readers when the children are confidently working at the Purple Code Level
They are also reading Code Level readers alongside these unique ICRWY readers.

They start the Speedy Six Spelling Activities ...

And of course we are exploring more and more high frequency words, so that we can recognise them with automaticity (by 'sight) and ALSO spell them within writing activities.