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Reading Ready Baby Brains

Reading is a multifaceted process involving phonemic awareness, phonics word recognition, orthography, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, self-regulation and motivation. In simple terms, a 'reader' is able to make sense of the symbols used to record language in written form.
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a newborn infant, or neonate, as a child that's under 28 days old. The term 'baby' (or infant) is generally used from 1 to 2 months, with 'toddler' the next phase -from 12 months. Babies brains, as amazing as they are, and capable of making meaning from print (see Reading Ready Baby Brains clips) are not capable of actually 'reading'.   
Reading in its fullest sense involves weaving together word recognition and comprehension in a fluent manner. These three processes are complex, and each is important. How complex? 
Your Baby Can't Read but Miss Emma knows what they need to read (and spell) as early as possible.
Emma Hartnell-Baker is an expert in actually teaching 2  and 3 year olds to read.
Who better to open an Early Reading Centre, and allow teachers to watch and learn?

Reading Ready Brains - Wiring Brains for Reading
The Reading Hut
My First Book

Reading Ready Baby and Toddler Brains  

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