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I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project

Speech Therapists aLearning Whisperers

I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Learning Whisperers
Speech Sound Monsters - Speech to Print - Linguistic Phonics
Speech Therapists as Learning Whisperers

Speech Therapists as Learning Whisperers
- Rewiring Dyslexic Brains in the Early Years

Please use the 6 week program before they start a phonic program, and especially if it is a Validated DfE Systematic Synthetic phonics programme. 

What happens?

You'll need the ICRWY Code in a Box Kit with extra A3 Coding Posters (1 per child) and the ICRWY Lessons app *  or school version of the app if your education department blocks the ICRWY Lessons app (there are lessons hosted by vimeo) 

Use the online Learning Whisperer training for Speech Pathologists. 

There is free post training support - a new group will be launched specifically for speech therapists. 

During the 6 week program with your clients you will learn whether they are at risk of literacy difficulties (eg dyslexia) and what to do about it. You will also understand what EVERY child needs, and know if they are getting it or not. 

*Lessons app - we will start at Phase 1 - using the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook

Speech and Language Pathologist in QLD (SLP) - testimonials for SSP and the Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping!
Speech Pathologists as Learning Whisperers

A focus on speech sounds - isolating, segmenting, blending. 
Speech Sound Monsters are used in place of phonetic symbols  
A multisensory, engaging and EFFECTIVE introduction to orthographic learning.

The Monster Routine


Blending 13 speech
sounds - using the IPA

Speech Sound Monsters
- we are Monster Mapping!

Checking encoding and decoding skills (orthographic learning) of a non-speaking student (non or minimally verbal) without the use of cued articulation.  
High-frequency words.

Use the Code Mapping Tool to map the graphemes in any words! Included in the ICRWY Lessons app for Parents (2 devices) or the ICRWY Code Mapping Tool app for Schools (25 devices)

Code Mapping - Grapheme Mapping Tool

Multisensory Orthographic Learning.
Why not incorporate Peggy Pencil? Lower and Upper Case Letter formation 

Correct number formation is also important - and fun! - with Learning Whisperers

Linguistic Phonics for Speech Pathologists - Speech Therapists as Learning Whisperers - ICRWY