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I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project

ICRWY Speech Therapist

Dyslexia Screening and Intervention - Learning Whisperers
Speech Sound Monsters - Speech to Print - Linguistic Phonics
Speech Therapists as Learning Whisperers

Speech Therapists as Learning Whisperers
Sending children to school with Reading Ready Brains

Use the online Learning Whisperer training for Speech Pathologists. 

Speech and Language Pathologist in QLD (SLP) - testimonials for SSP and the Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping!

A focus on speech sounds - isolating, segmenting, blending. 
Speech Sound Monsters are used in place of phonetic symbols  
A multisensory, engaging and EFFECTIVE introduction to orthographic learning.

The children record their findings throught the year. 

In the early stages the children choose the 'Blue Cow' rather
than the Silly Schwa because they over pronounce the speech sounds when segmenting - however they quickly realise that within spoken words the Sound Pic (grapheme) actually maps with the schwa. This is why you will often see the Blue Cow Monster used, even though it is - technically - the schwa. 


The Monster Routine


Blending 13 speech
sounds - using the IPA

Speech Sound Monsters
- we are Monster Mapping!

Checking encoding and decoding skills (orthographic learning) of a non-speaking student (non or minimally verbal) without the use of cued articulation.  
High-frequency words.

Use the Code Mapping Tool to map the graphemes in any words! Included in the ICRWY Lessons app for Parents (2 devices) or the ICRWY Code Mapping Tool app for Schools (30 devices)

Code Mapping - Grapheme Mapping Tool
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