Using the ICRWY Teaching Kit

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Ideally, you order the full teaching kit so that you have all the resources needed to teach your child (or any child) to read and spell, however, the following will show which resources are used for which activities, and you can order items individually. The Monster Mapping Kit Handbook is ESSENTIAL

The video lessons and activities for children are in the Training+ Membership Area

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This page shows the progression (the 'skills acquisition process') of activities you will follow with your kit resources. You can see that you can do A LOT with just the Monster Kit Handbook if you are on a budget. You will need Spelling Clouds though so do order with a Spelling Cloud Keyring. 

It is often far easier to see children undertaking the activities, and I thank my pilot group parents for sharing so many clips.


This was from a parent in week 3 of the mentoring program. 
Parents were asked to keep a diary and record weekly thoughts.

Week 3-4. Ask questions. Miss Emma s an amazing mentor for parents to teach their children. She always replies to a question no matter how big or small and is a wealth of knowledge. She is an absolute expert in teaching you how to teach your child to read.

Read every post and keep up to date with printing resources and don’t forget to record your child’s progress.

Respond to your child’s ability and needs and get ideas from other parents in your group but don’t compare and expect your child to do the same.


The video lessons and activities for children are in the Training+ Membership Pages

They have to go through the Phase 1 activities before starting with the Code Level or Sight Word Videos and resources, and before starting with readers, even though it would be useful for you to take a look at those pages.

Phase 1 is vital. It is the stage that prepares their brains to be introduced to Code Mapping (the mapping of speech sounds to graphemes) The focus is on developing phonemic awareness.
Without this, the children will struggle to map phonemes to graphemes (phonics) or to decode with fluency...and without that, they can't comprehend! And why read, if there is no comprehension?
So think of the process like building a house. Don't rush the foundations, in the excitement of laying those first few bricks. Our 'phase 1' foundation means we can build the whole house more quickly.
So pay close attention to this page, and the information showing you when your child is ready to add in the pictures of the speech sounds!

Phase 1

We start by introducing Duck Hands, the Visual Prompts and the first 6 Speech Sound Monsters! They will be learning to read, write and spell all of these words. 

Print the Monster Strip ready, but ONLY show the Speech Sound Monster strip. They need the strip, with cards that can be matched on top.
These Monsters love their own speech sound. Learn the sounds as quickly as possible.


Make sure you have the free SSP Monster Sounds app to explore the other Monster Sounds quickly too.
Every child needs their name video and card. Make sure you message me!
Either email or via
Please send me a video of your child saying their name. You can send that via FB messenger if you 'friend me'. 

Please ignore letter names for now, as letter names can be confusing.
Think of Lara's name. The a represents the sound you would use when saying the letter name 'r'! Think of letters as pictures of speech sounds 
...'Sound Pics' The two letter 'a's in Lara's name are pictures for two different speech sounds. 
Neither are a sound picture for this Monster!

The children will meet all of the Monsters quickly, which is brilliant,
because they can explore important words like their name.  

a - Copy.gif

Start 'following the Monster Sounds to Say the Word with Duck Hands

Duck Hand any words. You are splitting (segmenting) the words into speech sounds
(the SMALLEST sound units.) No onset and rime or syllables. 
Focus mainly on the Visual Prompt Words at first though, especially if very young.  

Check you are using the Speech Sound King's Sounds 

Learning the Monster Sounds, the Visual Prompt Words and using Duck Hands!

Even though we have not introduced the 'pictures' of the speech sounds yet, the children will start to form the first six correctly, and also numbers 1 - 10.
There are videos to watch, and resources to use. 

When we transition to 'Phase 2' we add in the pictures of the sounds. If they can't remember the associated speech sound for each sound pic (grapheme) they can check with the monsters.  

GCL Rap.

Great job Maya! 

Wondering why they might need the Speech Sound Monsters to help them? 
Letters don't 'make sounds', they represent speech sounds- but it depends on the word! So if they grapheme doesn't make sense, using speech sounds they have associated with that sound pic, the Speech Sound Monsters will help. 

ee - Copy.gif

Phase 2

Work through the Mini Readers in your kit.

These are the Green Code Level readers from the set.


The training will show you how to use the Coding Poster videos and the Coding Poster itself, to learn all the high-frequency graphemes used in the UK Phonics Screening Check (our 4 Code Levels)  

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The training will show you how to use the Monster Routine for spelling and how to segment ALL words, including 'sight words'.


The training will show you how to use the Speech Sound Clouds to build a Sound Wall, and how to use the Spelling Cloud mat to explore the phoneme to grapheme combinations used when we 'talk on paper'.

The phonics and sight word videos are located within the Training+ Membership Pages.

These sight word (Duck Level) words are on the Coding Poster, Duck Level Keyring and Speedy Sight Words Handbook 
(in the kit)


Spelling Clouds are in the kit

The Training+ Membership includes phonics and high-frequency word digital downloads and e-books.

Pretty soon we are segmenting (listening for the speech sounds in words) and reading
words we see around us!

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The children will soon be using The ICRWY Learning Routine to further develop reading and spelling skills!