The Naughty Speech Sound Frog
The Frog gets up to all sorts of mischief. During the ICRWY Learning Routine we have to work out what he's been up to!

What feelings did you have when learning to read and write, and you saw 'errors' in red pen on the work you were so proud of? As humans we tend to focus on the negatives of anything, far more than the positives. But we can change that for children, if we approach life differently from the early years. 
want children to not only enjoy self-editing, but also love to explore spelling and grammatical errors. This starts within our ICRWY project, when children are aged 2- 5.  

The Naughty Speech Sound Frog allows children to detach 'errors' from negative feelings and aligns brilliantly with my Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach (used in primary schools and by Speech Therapists and Learning Support team members worldwide) 
Let's make all aspects of learning to read and spell MEANINGFUL, PLAYFUL and FUN! 

Miss Emma
The Reading Whisperer


'I Can Read Without You' Project - every child reading for pleasure by 6.
Introducing the Naughty Speech Sound Frog!


The Naughty Speedy Sound Frog makes editing fun! The children are always checking the spelling, grammar and punctuation to see what mischief he has been up to.