'The Speedy Six'
Spelling in Primary School

The Speedy Six Spelling activities can be used as a stand-alone spelling enhancement program in grades 2- 6, even if they have never used Miss Emma's strategies before. 
They can be completed in around 25 minutes and will dramatically improve phonemic awareness and phonics skills for older students who may have missed  systematic instruction. Try to do these daily, but 3 times a week will also bring about huge gains. 

Importantly, the activities also enable teachers to learn about phonemic awareness and the mapping of phonemes to graphemes using the IPA. An initial training workshop (pre-recorded) can be rented for 3 months. You will need a 3 hour session even though the video is 2 hours long, as you pause to do the activities. 

Training included in the Training+ Membership

Class Pack of Monster Spelling Mats 


What will the children need, to do the Speedy Six Spelling activities?

A5 Wall Clouds, to build a Speech Sound Wall.
Monster Mat 
Ideally an A3 Spelling Cloud Mat for every table,
and/or Spelling Cloud Keyrings if you can add to Book Lists.   

More info here soon.

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