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ICRWY Training is DIFFERENT because we love 'differences'.
Differences aren't to be 'overcome', they are to  be welcomed and embraced!   #neurodiversityparadigmshift

I Can Read Without You ICRWY Training 
- Reading Ready Brains Program for children in the Early Years
- ICRWY SpLD Dyslexia Specialists
and more.

Emma Hartnell-Baker has QTS and a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs (Nottingham University) and is undertaking Doctoral Studies at the University of Reading - research relating to neuroplasticy-based technology driven programs to promote self-teaching of English orthography. Miss Emma' is a former KS1 teacher, 'Outstanding' day nursery owner/ manager and was appointed as an OFSTED Inspector (EY/ Foundation Stage) before spending a decade in Australia supporting thousands of teachers - Read Australia! Now based in Dorset she welcomes the opportunity to deliver teacher training and run parents and carer workshops to share innovative learner-centred resources and techniques, to speed up the rate at which children (and adults) say 'I Can Read Without You!' She has partnered with the amazing Dr Grace Elliott to deliver a series of lectures for PATOSS
(Patoss is the professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties, for all those concerned with the teaching and support of pupils with SpLD, for example: dyslexic, dyspraxic, dyscalculic, ADHD. Membership is open to qualified teachers in SpLD and those studying for either the certificate or the diploma in SpLD).

Different Tutoring for NeuroReadies by The Reading Hut
NeuroReadies! Different tutoring for children who learn differently

Our specialist online tutoring is different too.
Autistic children, those with dyslexia, ADHD...learn differently. So we teach differently. 

#itjustmakessense #neurodiversityparadigmshift


Mapped Words from The Reading Hut
Mapped Words - Helping Children Learn to Read and Spell More Easily
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