Bespoke 'teaching reading and spelling' training with Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer (UK)
Miss Emma is an experienced primary school teacher, nursery school manager and OFSTED (EY) Inspector. 

She has a BEd Hons. MA Special Educational Needs (Behaviour Management, PSED and Dyslexia focus) and is undertaking a doctorate at the University of Reading (Early Literacy Intervention)  


Teaching children to read for pleasure
(not a level).  

Miss Emma will visit your nursery or school and spend a day evaluating current strengths and weaknesses with regards to Communication, Language and Literacy. She will meet and observe your staff team and find out what THEY need, in order to better meet the individual needs of each child. This will vary according to each unique educator. 

This is a unique feature of the services Miss Emma offers; she understands that teaching behaviours do not change if beliefs do not change. Rather than telling the teacher what to do, or offering a program, she seeks to understand each educator as an individual, so that they can create a plan together.
The plan is based on a shared agreement that every child will learn to read quickly and easily, and for pleasure; not on research, beliefs or politics.    

Miss Emma will not create the training plan until she has had the opportunity to observe current practice.  
She will spend 3 consecutive days with your team.

Day 1 - Observation of current practice (the focus is on what the children are currently learning) 
Day 2 - Discussion with Management and 1:1 discussions with staff.
Day 3 - Team Training.

The support group is then set up, with options for educators to connect with Miss Emma privately, and in confidence. These 5 weeks are crucial.  

Day 4 - Follow up, 5 weeks later. How are we getting on? Miss Emma observes and chats with the children.
At the end of this day, the team get together to discuss the way forward. 


This is a 6 week package.
Miss Emma will need to stay near to the facility for the training days, if not within a 30-minute drive of The Reading Hut (in Dorset). Therefore expenses are an additional cost.

This 6 week package is GB1975.   

Email Miss Emma to arrange an initial no-obligation discussion about your perception of the team's needs.

Services are offered to

* Nurseries
* Primary Schools
* Educators Supporting Students with Learning Challenges 
*Educators Supporting Functionally Illiteracy High School  Students or Adult Learners

The Reading Whisperer
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Miss Emma usually divides her time between the UK and Australia as she has dual residency. 
She launched the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia, which is a 'speech to print' play-based approach to teach reading, writing and spelling. 
She is looking forward to the end of the pandemic and visiting her forever friends down under!

Reading for pleasure with Miss Emma,