...our names!

Names are Code Mapped® (the text is segmented to show the phoneme to grapheme mapping, using contrasting colours) and Monster Mapped® (the Speech Sound Monsters are an alternative to the IPA phonetic symbols, and show how each grapheme is pronounced)
We call graphemes 'Sound Pics®' as we think of them as pictures of sounds, and we talk about everything as if talking with 3 and 4 year olds.
We use our 'Duck Hands®' to segment ALL words, from left to right, and then sweep to blend. 

People often ask me 'what do you do?'  I tell them it's simple; I teach 3 and 4 year olds to read using their language (with a bit of help from my Speech Sound Monster friends)


Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer®



None of these children start school until at least 2022

The children Duck Hand®
from left to right. 
When we are showing OTHERS (eg as teachers) we have to do this from right to left, so they see the 'speech sounds' in the air, in the order they will be used when we 'talk on paper' (when we put the Sound Pics® on paper)

We can Monster Map ANY names!
Even Pokemon names.


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